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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Want to Lose Your Weight? Try this!

No doubt how hard you exercise and feed yourself with low calorie diets, nothing seems to work on your body. Unfortunately at the end of the day your whole day efforts to lose weight give you a big zero. All your handwork becomes futile and useless. But now, here’s a simple trick that can help you greatly without any suspicion to lose those extra calories from your body. So, what are you more waiting for? Just go by it.
Eating the right way:
Make sure you take time to chew your food. Remember that your brain begins to start registering that you are actually eating only after 10 minutes of your starting. The slower you eat, the more chances your brain has of telling you that you have had your fill. Just switch off the television and sit on a table and chew every mouthful carefully. If you inculcate this habit, mind it you will shave off at least 125 calories a day that adds up to a major loss from your body in just six months. Isn’t it happy news?
Yoghurt flavor:
Try to swap the ice creams for some low fat frozen yoghurt. You are available with plenty of colorful, juicy and favorable fruits flavor, just go for them; instead of relying on heavy calorie ice creams. So next time the hunger strikes you reach for the flavored yoghurt to satisfy yourself.
Keep on moving:
Make sure you fidget more and often. Simply taking every opportunity to move helps dramatically in a making a big difference to the total amount of calories you burn everyday. It has been found that slim peope burn up to 350 calories more each day through movements like toe-tapping, muscle –clenching and pacing rather than sitting. So try to move every now and then to shed more kilos from your body.

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